So far the results from the spiral generator are going slow but in a good direction.

I have had test results that indicate that the counter force is due to the amps moving through the coils and that I can control things as needed to meet my concept.

I am changing things as I go along to try and keep the build simple and make the best choices of compromise so that even this very testbed demonstrates my concept,, even if this exact one has to many frictional losses and such to self run.

After I have finished with this setup I will move on to my next version which should work much better and have much fewer losses but may be more "complicated" to build and setup.

I have started to play with the generator as a motor, it is interesting that it might be possible to spin it up as a motor with no impact from RPM.

It might be able to do this due to the unique construction and interaction the coils have with the rotor and there relationship with each other.