Free Energy

How would the World change if there were a “Free Energy” device?

If this device used no Oil, Nuclear, Wind, Hydro or Solar?

What if you only needed to start the device and it would supply all the electrical work potential needed?

Would it make the World a better place or would it only change the way we get our energy needs. It might be able to make the world environmentally a better, safer place to live, but would it change all of the other “issues” in the world.

I am currently working on a device to do just this very thing, that is something that you only need to start and it will supply the electrical work potential needed free of the pollution that is contaminating our water supply and making the land unusable for growing our food.

I am sharing my attempt here

Mechanical magnetic generator

Unfortunately due to abuse of my forum by a few people it is no longer open for guests to view.

I found an error in my calculations, well more accurately I did not apply the information the calculations showed correctly,, when I do use them correctly the generator shows as a net zero gain.